Tacoma-headquartered investment bank Merit Harbor Capital has acquired Tukwila’s FUSE Networks, Inc., via a management buyout.

FUSE Networks, an IT company that specializes in bundling electronic infrastructure services for businesses, was founded in 2008. Craig Dickens, CEO of Merit Harbor, called the new acquisition “an exciting company.”

“Walking them through multiple scenarios allowed us to arrive at the best outcome for all parties,” he said. “We were honored to be able to help FUSE Networks close a successful deal, and are confident that the management will continue the successful growth.”

A press release from Merit Harbor indicated that FUSE’s long-term plan includes expanding its offerings to new markets, capitalizing on its central location in the Pacific Northwest region. Travis Thom, one of four founding partners, acquired a majority position in the company as part of the transaction and will continue his day-to-day responsibilities to support the planned expansion.