TrueBlue Inc. is at the top of the top-ranked companies in the nation for transparency, conservative accounting practices and solid corporate governance, according to this year’s 100 Most Trustworthy Companies list compiled for Forbes Magazine by GMIRATINGS.
Tacoma-based TrueBlue’s average score over the past four quarters of 99 out of 100 led all companies on the list. This is the second straight list on which TrueBlue has been a leader in meeting the “most trustworthy” criteria. “We have always believed that our investors, our employees and our customers deserve transparency and candor,” said TrueBlue CEO Steve Cooper. “We’re proud to be recognized again for maintaining standards that are truly among the highest in American business.”

TrueBlue is a leading provider of blue-collar staffing through its Labor Ready, Spartan Staffing, CLP Resources, PlaneTechs and Centerline brands.