Representatives for member local unions gathered at SeaTac this weekend for the 2015 convention of Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO. Climate change and trade issues took center stage, according to coverage by the union news website, The Stand.

Rep. Adam Smith received a hero’s welcome on Saturday because he voted against “Fast Track” Trade Promotion Authority — a position that unions favored. Reps. Denny Heck and Jim McDermott were the other two Washington votes against the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership accelerated consideration, which passed Congress last month.

“The irony is that I think trade is a good thing,” Smith told the delegates. “But nothing is more important to me than taking care of workers and making sure they get their fair share. And we aren’t there” with the trade package.

On climate change, University of Massachusetts economist Robert Pollin discussed the hottest month and the hottest six-month stretch since weather record-keeping began 136 years ago. He also talked at length about what he called the “false trade-off” that assumes we must choose between jobs and the environment in addressing this crisis.

You can read more detailed coverage at “the STAND” website.