In an announcement late Tuesday afternoon from the state Department of Health, Brianne K. Gregory of Thurston County saw her pharmacy technician credential immediately suspended by Washington’s Pharmacy Commission.

The charges state that Gregory diverted and consumed a Morphine tablet from a patient’s medication supply in May 2017. On a later day that month, she came to work after drinking alcohol, and made several errors while compounding medications. She also reportedly admitted to regularly drinking three to four shots of alcohol in the mornings, before going to work in the evening.

According to documentation on the state’s DOH Credential website, Gregory urinalysis test came back positive for alcohol, marijuana and Morphine. She subsequently entered treatment, but did not complete it.

Gregory has 20 days to request a hearing to contest the charges and her suspension. She received her credential in 2010, but cannot practice as a pharmacy tech in this state, until these charges are resolved.

The legal documents on this case can be seen online by clicking the link on Provider Credential Search on the Department of Health website.