The American Transportation Research Institute today released its annual list highlighting the 100 most congested bottlenecks for trucks in America, with the South Sound dubiously occupying three spots on the list.

Stretches of highway in Auburn (S.R. 18 at S.R. 167, 66th on the list), Federal Way (S.R. 18 at I-5, 72nd), and Tacoma (I-5 at I-705/S.R. 16) were highlighted in the study. The analysis, based on truck GPS data from more than 800,000 heavy duty trucks uses several customized software applications and analysis methods, along with terabytes of data from trucking operations to produce a congestion impact ranking for each location.

“Eight in 10 communities in Washington State rely on trucks exclusively to deliver their goods – and congestion adds unnecessary cost and wastes time and fuel, hurting our economy and our environment,” said Washington Trucking Associations Executive Vice President Sheri Call. “We can, with wise investment, address these chokepoints in the supply chain and improve the quality of life for Washingtonians and Americans everywhere.”

“As the issue of infrastructure investment comes to the forefront on the national stage, ATRI's report on truck bottlenecks could not come at a better time,” said American Trucking Associations President and CEO Chris Spear. “The safe and efficient movement of freight should be a top priority in any infrastructure package, and this report identifies the areas where investment is most needed.”