After a merger and two acquisitions earlier this year, Olympia-based Heritage Bank is opening three new branches, two of which will replace existing locations in Kent and Tumwater.

The new offices, which are more centrally located, will be more accessible for customers, said president and COO Jeff Deuel.

“We kind of have a parallel path where we’re trying to improve existing branches and open new branches,” Deuel said.

The company moved from its former Kent location on 234th St. – a location it had occupied since an acquisition in 2011 – to a 3,915-square-foot space at 415 W. James St. in July.

“It was kind of off the beaten path,” Deuel explained. “We ended up buying the land and building. We’re next to Kent Station, but we’re not in it.”

The other branch, in Tumwater, is set to open in a newly constructed 3,800-square-foot building at 850 Trosper Road S.W. on Oct. 21.

“We’ve had a Tumwater location for years and years and years,” Deuel said. “Last year, we decided to acquire a piece of property. Building is underway. We’re really building it to make it more convenient for our customers.”

The soon-to-be former space needed to be renovated and it was difficult to get in and out of, he said. The new branch will have better ingress and regress for customers, as well as a lender in office.

“We’re just making it a bit easier for our customers,” Deuel said.

The third new location is scheduled to open in January 2014 at 16400 S.E. 18th St. in Vancouver.