Employees looking for help with a frozen computer screen or a mobile application glitch may be in for a long wait. Chief information officers interviewed in a recent survey said their companies’ technical support teams are, on average, 42 percent smaller than they would ideally be.

The results are similar to a 2007 survey in which CIOs said their support teams were an average of 40 percent smaller than their ideal. The surveys were developed by Robert Half Technology.
The mean ratio of internal end-users to technical support staff was 112:1 according to respondents. The mean ideal ratio according to the CIOs would be 65:1.

Small firms (100-249 employees) were farthest from their ideal technical support ratio, while the results show midsized companies (250-499 employees) were closest.

“As companies implement upgrades and invest in new technology, it becomes more challenging for technical support professionals to keep pace with end-user demands,” said John Reed, executive director of Robert Half Technology. “Unfortunately, the time employees spend waiting for technical help can result in lost productivity.”