Spaceworks is bringing another creative business to Tacoma, this time to Point Ruston.

The grand opening of The Blue Octopus, an art gallery and champagne bar at 5111 Grand Loop Suite 1A, will be Friday, Feb. 10. Owner Kerry Cole is no stranger to the local art scene, as she began offering a wine and painting class at Sanford and Son six years ago.

The Blue Octopus itself isn’t new, first arriving at St. Helens in downtown Tacoma and later on Pearl Street in Ruston. In 2014, Cole participated in Spaceworks’ Creative Enterprise program where she received additional entrepreneur training and support.

While she had operated a business for 15 years before her Spaceworks experience, she said the program was worth it.

“I was afforded the opportunity to grow my business in a way that wouldn't have happened without this program,” said Cole, with Spaceworks able to negotiate a location for The Blue Octopus close to the neighborhood she wanted to reach.