The online honors keep coming for Tacoma’s Milgard Windows & Doors, which for the second year in a row was named the highest online rated window and patio door brand, as determined by MetrixLab’s Net Reputation scoring system.

 “Our customers come first, and we’re pleased to know that they think so highly of us,” said Jeremiah Noneman, marketing director at Milgard. “As our homeowners share their stories, we learn how Milgard products and service make a significant difference in their lives, and that is very gratifying.”

In order to measure the sentiment of how customers feel about a brand online, Net Reputation Score is derived by looking at real customer experiences, shared online, that mention a company’s brand name. Millions of websites and social media comments are reviewed to derive the score which is measured on a 200 point scale. Positive and negative emotional sentiment and the reputation of the website also factor into the calculation.

“Milgard held the number one position through all of 2017 and even managed to strengthen their position by the end of the year,” said Ryan Murphy, Senior Research Manager at MetrixLab. “For the last two years, Milgard has outperformed their competitors and early results for 2018 are looking strong.”