Tacoma’s Korsmo Construction has been awarded a federal contract to rehabilitate the historic Paradise Inn Annex at Mount Rainier National Park.

Construction recently began on the project, with a tentative completion in spring of 2019. The Inn is suffering the effects of heavy snow loads over the years, resulting in walls and floors that are skewed and out-of-plumb.

To mitigate the issues, the Annex portion of the building will be physically separated from the remainder of the building and raised on hydraulic jacks. A new concrete foundation will be formed and poured and the building will be plumbed and leveled. When completed, the project will include fire system updates, structural upgrades and various changes that will provide increased energy efficiencies.

Historic architectural elements, including interior trim, wood moldings and windows will be removed as part of the renovation, but reinstalled as the interior is completely redone. In a statement, the company said it will “follow detailed procedures to make sure that the integrity of the historic fabric is preserved.”

Korsmo has a long history with Mount Rainier National Park. The company built the new Henry M. Jackson Visitor Center on Mt. Rainier and performed a similar rehabilitation of Paradise Inn from June 2006 to April 2008.

“It’s a great honor to be able to go back up to Mount Rainier and continue working on such a beautiful landmark,” said John Korsmo, Owner and President of Korsmo Construction.

The Paradise Inn will continue to operate and will be open seasonally during construction.