Hybrid for-profit/nonprofit philanthropy company Good Done Great, based jointly in Tacoma and Charleston, S.C., is expanding its Canadian services with the purchase of Dexterity Ventures Inc.

DVI is a firm that creates donation tools for small to medium-sized company that want to incorporate giving into their business model. Its mission statement is parallel to that of Good Done Great, which has created an app and desktop platform that allows users to follow charities and contribute monthly donations to their chosen causes.

The two companies have developed similar software suites, with DVI’s Give_API offering similar functionality to Good Done Great in the Canadian market.

“Since our inception, Good Done Great has focused first and foremost on the needs of the giver, be that giver a Fortune 500 corporation, or a single individual,” said David Barach, CEO and founder of Good Done Great. “DVI’s focus on using charity data to enhance the giving experience is why this is such an outstanding B Corp acquisition for Good Done Great, its clients, and the philanthropic world at-large.”

Because of the merger, DVI will cease all operations as of April 30, and founder Gena Rotstein will transition to a consulting role in support of Good Done Great clients.