It’s still early in new Tacoma Mayor Victoria Woodards’ term, and already she’s got the exodus of one of the city’s largest employer on her plate.

The newly elected Woodards released a statement today regarding the national insurance firm’s decision.

 “State Farm’s recent announcement that they will not be renewing their lease for its offices in Downtown Tacoma after the end of 2018 has garnered much attention from local media and generated speculation as to the reasoning for their decision,” she said. “It is my understanding that State Farm has made a business decision purely based on the need to streamline its operations and maximize space at its existing facilities.

“The company’s plan to close 11 other locations by the year 2021 underscores this point. State Farm has been a valued partner for the greater Tacoma area through its civic engagement and job creation, and I am pleased that they chose to do business here for the past five years.

“My focus in the upcoming months will be on the State Farm workers who are impacted by this decision. While the impact is somewhat mitigated by the relocation of 600 positions to DuPont, I look forward to working with our economic and workforce development partner agencies to identify opportunities for those employees searching for new career options.

“Additionally, we will be proactively seeking out companies who would benefit from locating in the heart of downtown Tacoma. Our city offers world-class urban amenities, a strong educational system, and plenty of local talent. Tacoma’s many assets and availability of Class A office space puts us in an optimal position to attract top firms to our city. The downtown core is experiencing unprecedented growth and investment, so I am excited for the opportunities that lie ahead.”