Although the brutal windstorms of mid-January tore down Tacoma’s ambitious outdoor art installation, “Season of Light,” all parties involved say they have no regrets over the time and effort put into it.

When Tacoma Mayor Brian Ebersole proclaimed January “Season of Light Month” in Tacoma, he wasn’t attempting to combat the gloomy spirits short Northwestern rainy days can bring.

Rather he was celebrating the success of an internationally renowned artist and architect, a brigade of dedicated volunteers and a support system of private businesses and public institutions that united to mount—in his words—”the most massive work of public art ever commissioned for exhibition in Tacoma.”

Artist and architect Iole Alessandrini, transformed a city block into artwork “celebrating downtown’s bold new promise,” Ebersole says.

The project debuted on Dec 29, in preparation for the City’s “First Night” New Year’s Eve celebration.