KML, a Tacoma-based manufacturer of decorative surfaces and panels, has been acquired by Texas-based Wilsonart Engineered Surfaces.

WES, which is based in Austin, announced the purchase with a press release today. Ron Ubertini, vice president of product management at WES, said that the two companies have a long-standing relationship and that WES will keep the KML line alive alongside its own offerings of thermally fused laminate panels.

“Our customers expect a range of engineered surfaces that offer beautiful design and performance according to a project’s needs. This acquisition provides the marketplace with the choice they want, with the availability and reliable service they need.”

KML has manufacturing locations in Tacoma and Stockton, Calif., and employs around 100 people across its facilities. The company currently markets a standard collection of TFL designs and textures under the KML Design Finishes brand.

“KML has a good name and reputation for taking care of customers with high quality products and on time shipments,” says Willie Wanker, general manager of KML. “Now part of the Wilsonart organization, KML has strong support for our brand. Customers can count on continued service from the KML team during the transition.”