A 34-year-old Tacoma man has been booked into Pierce County Jail after being arrested by detectives from the state Insurance Commissioner’s office.

Vyacheslav Vizitiv is alleged to have filed a false insurance claim and committed identity theft, both felonies.

According to an OIC news release, Vizitiv canceled the insurance on his car in Dec. 2014, when he was trying to sell it. Two weeks later, he was in a collision with another vehicle, then reinstated his Geico policy and then submitted an online claim in his mother’s name.

When the owner of the other vehicle filed a claim with Geico, including the actual date of the accident and license plate number of Vizitiv’s car, the insurance company referred the case to state insurance investigators, as required by law.

This suspect failed to appear in Pierce County Superior Court in March 2016 to answer the charges and has been on the insurance fraud unit’s “Most Wanted” list for more than a year. He was taken into custody this week when found by detectives at a relative’s home in Pierce County.