City of Tacoma's Community and Economic Development Department has issued this call to action: Make it Tacoma.

“Economic development activity and private investment are at an all-time high with several new projects on the horizon,” says Mayor Marilyn Strickland. “ helps us showcase Tacoma's assets and tell our story in a more dynamic way.”

The streamlined freestanding microsite is mobile-friendly and offers access to the latest business intelligence tools. As site selectors or prospective investors assess possible locations, they can see robust, high-quality zip code level Tacoma-specific data on more than a thousand variables.

Existing or prospective business owners and entrepreneurs are able to access Tacoma-specific data showing what percentage of businesses they outperform in their given industry on revenue, size, salaries and other metrics. They are also able to see where the typical business owner in their given industry is doing best in Tacoma, as they consider expanding into a new location or where to target their next marketing campaign.

“With our improved online offerings, the business community we serve will now have incredible access to data and other market insights,” says Community and Economic Development Director Ricardo Noguera, “as well as other pieces of information they need to make smart, informed decisions.”