Tacoma biotech company Revalesio received some validating news recently, after a paper published in the Journal of Neuroimmune Pharmacology announced that the company's RNS60 product significantly approved outcomes in a mouse model of Parkinson's disease.

Research conducted at Chicago's Rush University Medical Center showed that treatment with RNS60, a medical-grade saline processed by Revalesio, restored dopamine and provided “a significant level of protection against neuronal death.”

According to Dr. Kalipada Pahan of Rush University, RNS60 achieves this protection through the increase of a protein called I kappa B alpha, or IkBa for short.

IkBa is an anti-inflammatory protein that helps with survival and function of neurons in neuroinflammatory conditions,” explained Pahan. “For therapeutic purpose, the best option would be to increase the level of this protein directly in the brain using a non-toxic medication. Remarkably, RNS60 treatment achieved this goal.”

In addition to protecting the brain from damage associated with Parkinson's, the study showed that RNS60 also preserved the motor function of the animals, leaving researchers optimistic that it can have an impact in the treatment of not just Parkinson's, but other diseases affecting the nervous system.

“Based on this work, and research previously published, we are hopeful RNS60 can have significant therapeutic effects in multiple neuroinflammatory and neuro-degenerative diseases,” said Dr. Supurna Ghosh, Revalesio's director of neurology research. “We are moving forward with additional research and human trials to further understand the therapeutic potential of RNS60.”