Amendments to Tacoma’s city code will be considered this year to better align with the state’s paid sick leave law.

On May 31, City staff will be providing information to the City Council Government Performance and Finance Committee on proposed amendments to Tacoma Municipal Code Chapter 18.10 — the chapter regarding paid leave. The amendments would bring local standards more in concert to those set forth in Washington State Initiative 1433, which increased minimum wage and added paid sick leave statewide.

That initiative, which requires Washington employers to provide sick leave to employees beginning on January 2018, was approved in November last year.

Any changes approved by the Government Performance and Finance Committee will be forwarded for consideration by Tacoma's City Council as a whole.

Note that while Initiative 1433 also deals with minimum wage, the amendments would not affect local minimum wage in Tacoma, which will not be impacted until at least 2019.