Pierce County saved more than $565,000 in 2010 by reducing its use of energy, water, fuel and office supplies, according to its inaugural sustainability report.
The report, issued today by the Pierce County Office of Sustainability, shows the county made significant progress during the first year of its five-year effort to meet ambitious goals in its Sustainability Plan.
Highlights from the report show that Pierce County:
•  Reduced energy use by 10.1 percent, saving $265,000.

•  Increased the percentage of office supplies that contain recycled content to 27.6 percent, even as departments purchase fewer supplies, including a 9 percent drop in the use of paper.

•  Purchased more hybrid vehicles, which now make up 18.4 percent of the general-use fleet.

•  Decreased the amount of fuel consumed by 26,451 gallons below 2009 levels.

The reduction in energy usage stems in part from a Facilities Management Department strategic plan to retrofit some buildings and move employees out of underperforming buildings. Two other departments – Parks and Recreation, and Public Works and Utilities – also have dramatically reduced energy use in their managed buildings.
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