A new survey released today by global human resources association WorldatWork shows that despite several large companies cutting back on working from home and telecommuting, telework remains popular within the business world at large.

Telework, according to WorldatWork's study, is offered in some form by 88 percent of organizations.

ā€œDespite news reports focused on high-profile companies such as Yahoo, Best Buy and HP reigning in telework programs, the data from this report shows that only 3 percent of companies have actually canceled telework programs over the past two years,ā€ said spokesperson Rose Stanley for Scottsdale, Ariz.-based WorldatWork.

Teleworking, flextime and part-time schedules continue to be the most prevalent flexibility programs offered by employers. These programs are each offered to some or all employees in more than 80 percent of companies.

The survey does reveal that most workplace flexibility programs are offered by fewer organizations in 2013 than in 2010, but according to a statement from WorldatWork, “these changes in specific programs are relatively minor and may be attributed to organizations being more strategic about the programs offered to their workforce.”

Data for the study came from the results of a July survey of 566 WorldatWork members.