Nearly all residents of Tacoma surveyed by the city said they had a computer or internet-enabled device in the household, with smartphones slightly edging out computers in usage.

That result came from a random sample survey of 1,270 households representing a diverse cross-section of the community conducted in English and five other languages.

“While most respondents told us that they have the technology they want or need,” said Information Technology Director Jack Kelanic. “the preliminary data we had, which indicated that there may be certain areas of need across Tacoma relating to the way residents use technology, have held true, and we now have a better perspective on that.”

Most survey respondents also felt that the City should work to ensure access for residents without these tools, and a fifth said they connect to the internet at their local public library.

Full survey results are available at this link. Questions regarding the survey can be directed to Tacoma’s Information Technology department at (253) 591-5000.