Ag Processing Inc. — Port of Grays Harbor’s largest shipper — saw a record volume of agricultural exported through Terminal 2 at the Port, part of a surge that helped the facility see a strong finish to its 2016.

Ag Processing’s big numbers were part of the 2.4 million metric tons of total tonnage handled at the Port of Grays Harbor’s in 2016, according to numbers from the facility’s official newsletter, Around the Docks.

“Following four years of rapid growth, we have focused these past two years on sustaining this higher level of economic activity and managing at this level across our major lines of business,” said Director of Finance and Administration Mary Nelson. “Our quick response to market conditions and strong fourth quarter results contributed to our stable financial position, or what we see as our new normal.”

The Port saw 98 deepwater vessel calls at its four terminals, which equated to over 154,000 hours worked by longshoremen at the docks — the equivalent of 86 full time workers.