Gov. Chris Gregoire is requiring state agencies that create jobs using American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds, as well as the contractors they hire using ARRA funds, to post newly created positions on the state’s WorkSource Web site. Gregoire is also urging job seekers in Washington state who want to apply for economic stimulus jobs to visit their local WorkSource career center.
“We are creating a lot of jobs with the federal recovery money, and we want unemployed workers in our state to have a fair shot at filling them,” said Gregoire. “WorkSource provides an easily accessible, centralized location for job seekers to see what’s available.”

State agencies have received millions of dollars in federal funding for highway projects, to repair drinking-water systems, to increase the energy-efficiency of homes where low-income or other vulnerable populations live and to provide more worker training. In addition, federal money will help repair and restore federal forests and parks, increase the pace of cleanup at Hanford, repair irrigation systems, build bike trails, and support drug and gang prevention in local communities.

Along with listing stimulus-funded job openings, the WorkSource system has received nearly $20 million from the federal Recovery Act to create thousands of summer jobs for teens and young adults this year.