The Washington State Department of Health has taken disciplinary actions or withdrawn charges against the following South Sound health care providers.

Lewis County

In June, the Nursing Assistant Program denied the application of certified nursing assistant applicant Debbi Marie Thompson. While working as a registered nursing assistant, she left several residents unattended in raised beds, resulting in one patient suffering injuries after falling out of the bed.

Pierce County

In July, the Health Care Assistant Program charged Konstantin V. Kurkov with unprofessional conduct. He allegedly performed a pelvic exam on a patient which he was not authorized to do. In April, he was charged with second-degree rape, and his license to practice as a registered nurse was immediately suspended.

Thurston County

After a hearing in June, the Chemical Dependency Professional Program granted the application of chemical dependency professional trainee Joel A. Forthman and placed his certification on probation for three years. In January 2007, his application to be a registered counselor was denied for failure to respond. He must comply with terms and conditions set against his certification.

In June, the Dental Commission charged dentist Robert P. Parks with unprofessional conduct. Allegations include failing to meet the standard of care when treating a patient for a root canal, failing to properly anesthetize a patient, failing to keep adequate patient treatment records and failing to perform or maintain a weekly log of performing biological spore testing on autoclaves.

Information about health care providers is available on the agency’s website or by calling (360) 236-4700.