With a 24 percent growth in total state highway and bridge tolling collections last fiscal year, State Department of Transportation’s annual report from its Toll Division points to the I-405 paid lanes from Bellevue to Bothell and SR 520 Lake Washington Floating Bridge as the big growth areas.

Traffic (and toll rates) for Tacoma Narrows Bridge crossings grew 11.9 percent during the 12 months ended June 30, 2016, driving tolls collection over the prior fiscal year to just over $81 million.

After operating costs, approximately 86 percent of Tacoma Narrows Bridge tolling revenues were used to repay the debt on existing bonds from construction of the second span. Current projections show Narrows Bridge tolls to end around 2032.

HOT (high occupancy toll) lanes on the Valley Freeway, SR 167, saw a 14.6 percent drop-off in collected tolls in fiscal year 2016, compared to the previous period. Through the end of last June, they fell to just $1,487,028 during a period that also saw some construction delays as those HOT lanes were being extended further into Pierce County.

Anyone can see the complete reporting for WSDOT tolling operations, including historical results, at this website.