Washington has been awarded nearly $17 million by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services as a bonus for the state’s efforts to identify and enroll eligible children in Medicaid coverage.
Washington State Health Care Authority applied for the CMS performance bonus, which is awarded based on having in place at least five Medicaid program features known to promote enrollment and retention in health coverage for children and demonstrating a significant increase in Medicaid enrollment among children during the course of the fiscal year. Washington met five of the eight required program features necessary to qualify for an FY11 bonus award: 12 month continuous eligibility; liberalization of the state’s asset test; elimination of in-person interview requirements; use of the same application and renewal forms; and premium assistance subsidies

This is the third year in a row that Washington has received a CMS performance bonus. Last year, the bonus totaled $20.6 million; in 2009, it was $7.8 million. The amount of the bonus is based on caseload growth.