In documents to be filed in federal court today, Washington’s state Attorney General is taking another swipe at President Trump’s attempts to restrict the entry of certain foreigners to the U.S.

Bob Ferguson said in a press announcement today that the injunction obtained last month that blocked key sections of the previous immigration Executive Order applies to the new version as well.

This filing today is not a new lawsuit. Rather, the AG asserts that the burden is on the federal government to argue that the previously obtained (and upheld on appeal) injunction no longer blocks the ban.

 “My message to President Trump is – not so fast,” said Ferguson. “After spending more than a month to fix a broken order that he rushed out the door, the President’s new order reinstates several of the same provisions and has the same illegal motivations as the original. Consequently, we are asking (Seattle federal) Judge Robart to confirm that the injunction he issued remains in full force and effect as to the reinstated provisions.”

The Attorney General’s Office anticipates filing an amended complaint on the underlying merits of the case early next week. Oregon and New York will seek to join the case.