Staff of the Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB) will recommend the Board re-file the rules necessary to implement Initiative 502 to allow time to consider recent input.

Under the current schedule, the Board was expected to adopt the final rules at its regularly scheduled Board meeting tomorrow. Should the Board accept staff’s recommendation, staff will come back to the Board on September 4, with revised proposed rules.

Since filing the proposed rules on July 3, the Board and WSLCB staff received sufficient input to warrant re-filing the proposed rules. Last week, the Board held five public hearings across the state to solicit input. Under the state Administrative Procedures act, an agency must re-file proposed rules if there are any substantive changes.

Should the Board accept the proposed rules on September 4, staff will immediately file a new CR 102 (proposed rulemaking) with the Code Reviser’s Office and begin a six-week schedule of collecting public input and holding at least one public hearing. The agency’s published timeline will be adjusted to reflect the new schedule. The WSLCB remains on schedule to meet the I-502 required deadline of having rules in place by December 1.

Key elements of the rules that will be included in the revised proposed rules include: limiting the amount of total marijuana production, identifying the number of retail locations per county and their locations, identifying the total amount of product that a licensee may have on hand, as well as further clarifying certain definitions and other revisions.