The fast-growing economy that the Puget Sound is experiencing has echoes in communities across the nation. Unemployment figures, on the average, are low and many industries are searching for qualified graduates to employ.

A recent study of the current job market by online employment company indicates that there has been an increase of jobs available to college graduates of more than 25 percent — over just one year ago.

It should come as no surprise to employers in the Puget SOund region that high-tech categories are among the leading fields for job growth.

Based on its working relationship with more than 900 colleges and universities, and more than 400,000 employers, Jobtrak figures indicate that jobs for computer specialists have grown by almost 19 percent since October one year ago — now making up almost 13 percent of the total job market for graduates. Average salary in the field is about $48,951.

Engineering grads have seen demand grow more than 20 percent. They make up more 9 percent of the incoming job force, with an average salary of about $46,842

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