For almost 30 years, Gareth Floyd has ‘championed the numbers’ at a Tacoma structural engineering firm, that recently earned a spot on the Top 10 List of best such firms to work for nationwide. 

The company CEO, in nominating Floyd for 2017 South Sound Financial Executive of the Year, says his contributions are substantial to the success of PCS Structural Solutions. Billings have doubled in recent years, yet the percentage of accounts receivable over 90 days has actually decreased.

While the job title is Director of Finance, “he is so much more. Gareth loves being involved in our local community process of building design,” says CEO Brian Phair.

“Work is fun, when you are pursuing your passion,” Floyd explains in his judging questionnaire. “I love making sense out of financial numbers and then correlate them into company-wide decisions.”

This finalist for recognition of excellence is passionate about his WSU Cougars, and about building the future for others, whether on a mission trip to Central America or South Africa to construct a church or medical building, or here in the South Sound, where he volunteers as board chair for a couple of senior and assisted living centers.

You can meet Gareth Floyd and the other 13 finalists for South Sound Financial Executives of the Year on Wednesday, April 26, for a luncheon beginning at 11:30 a.m. in Historic 1625 Tacoma Place. Tickets are available here.