Family-owned Murray Pacific Corporation, based in Tacoma, has announced the sale of nearly 54,000 acres of timberland in Lewis County to California’s Sierra Pacific Industries.

Redding-based Sierra Pacific has been assertive in expanding in the South Sound, announcing earlier in the year its acquisition of and shutdown plans for Simpson Lumber’s mills in Mason County. Previously, it also announced plans to build a new mill in Frederickson after purchasing land from Port of Tacoma last year. Lisa Perry, the local community relations manager for SPI, said that the Murray purchase would go toward supplying the eventual Frederickson mill.

Sierra Pacific’s purchase of the Murray Pacific land is expected to be completed by July.

“We are very pleased to be able to purchase this timberland to help supply our existing and future mills in Washington,” Mark D. Emmerson, chairman of Sierra Pacific Industries, said. “This land has been managed sustainably by the previous owners for many years, and we intend to continue to maintain it for high quality timber, wildlife, and water values in the future.”

As for Murray Pacific, the sale, according to a release from the company, “marks the end of Murray Pacific’s 104-year history in the timber business, and insures that the timberland it has carefully managed for many decades goes to new owners with similar values.”

“Murray Pacific is pleased that SPI is committed to managing the timberland for multiple resources while providing high quality timber for SPI’s mills in Washington,” said Murray Pacific CEO Toby Murray. “Like Murray Pacific, SPI is also a family-owned and operated company committed to long-term job creation and environmental protection in the state.”