From now until December, senior citizens with chronic illnesses have the opportunity to participate in an online program developed by Stanford University called Better Choices, Better Health.

Better Choices, Better Health is a free online program designed to support those with chronic health conditions and to assist them in finding practical ways to deal with the pain, fatigue and stress. The program also exposes participants to better nutrition and exercise choices, treatment options, and suggests better ways to communicate with doctors and families about their health.
In an effort to maximize the number of program participants, the National Council on Aging has linked with five national partners, one of which is Physicians of Southwest Washington’s Foundation for Quality Improvement. In partnership with the PSW Foundation, Soundpath Health is offering the six-week Better Choices, Better Health program to all Soundpath Health members.

Each participant joins a group of up to 25 others in an interactive workshop. The easy-to-follow online sessions are posted each week for a total of six weeks. The online program gives participants flexibility as they are able to log in at their convenience to participate two to three times a week for a total of two hours a week.

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