Although operations at the Centralia coal mine are scaling back after political pressure, Coalview Ltd. of Coral Gables, Florida, which owns the operation, reports safety records continue to be set.

“Our Coalview Centralia plant is approaching its third year of operation with an injury-free safety record,” said Roger Fish, CEO of Coalview, in a statement released today. “In addition, our Centralia plant has achieved high efficiency and availability that are significantly better than industry standard.”

“Coalview Centralia has an additional 10 years of project life,” said David Schwedel, Coalview’s executive director and lead investor. “The construction and operation of the project are part of the continuing reclamation of the Centralia site. The project helps eliminate the volume of material in the impoundments, and mitigate environmental concerns.”

The Centralia plant represents a $42 million investment for North America's leader in fully integrated coal technology. Upon completion of material processing, a large scale environmental program will continue allowing the post-mining land use to include upland forestry, lowland forest (wetland, riparian, fish and wildlife habitat), pastureland, and industrial land.