If your company has school-aged employees, here’s a friendly reminder: There are two days left to renew permissions from parents and schools for teens to work during the school year.

Work hours for youths change with the start of the school year, and employers need the Parent/School Authorization form signed and kept on file where the teen works. That form is available from the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries website. Employers are responsible to complete their sections of the form first before collecting permission signatures.

The employer, teen, parent, and school authority all need to sign the document, which must include the start/end times and job duties for the teen employee. Students can’t work until after regular school hours; a youth who is homeschooled must follow the school district hours in that area. Schools and parents also have the authority to adjust the hours the teen works if it interferes with their schooling.

For a complete list of hours teens are allowed to work, in both agricultural and non-agricultural jobs, click here.

Employers also must have a minor work permit endorsement on their business license on each location minors will work to legally hire teens — and it must be posted at each business location. The application is available through the state Business Licensing Service.