The University of Washington Tacoma enrolled a record number of students in autumn 2017, according to official census counts released by all three UW campuses.

The total enrollment headcount at UW Tacoma this fall is 5,185. The enrollment growth of 4 percent since autumn 2016 was driven by record-breaking enrollments at all levels and across all groups. A total of 1,807 students, including freshmen and transfers, are new to the campus this year. Of these, 91 percent are Washington residents and 85 percent come from one of the 10 Puget Sound counties.

The number of first-generation degree earners also continues to increase. Fifty one percent of enrolled students — 2,600 students — would be the first in their immediate families to receive a four-year degree upon graduation. Of the entire enrollment, 1,500, or 30 percent, are members of underrepresented groups, including 45 percent of full-time freshmen who are new to campus.

“UW Tacoma is fully committed to our urban-serving mission of equity and inclusion,” said UW Tacoma Chancellor Mark A. Pagano. “Growth means we are fulfilling that mission by encouraging students who otherwise wouldn’t attend college to come to UW Tacoma. We have expanded degree options, started a residence hall program and more. But growth alone is not our goal. As our strategic plan says, we grow because we are innovative, and because what we are doing is valued by our region and our students.”

“Since 1990,” said Pagano, “we have helped transform student lives and provided for opportunity where little existed before. We are expanding access to a quality higher education that exposes students to global challenges and prepares them to become critical thinkers. We are engaging them in real-world work experiences in the community through internships and class projects. We are positioning them to become the enlightened work force of the future.”