Nine Blink Level 2 electric vehicle charging stations are now available to visitors at Puyallup Fair & Events Center.

“We have been working toward reducing our carbon footprint for quite some time, as well as finding ways to help our guests who are like-minded,” said Kent Hojem, CEO. “Our long-standing record of being energy efficient extends to our recycling program, too. We recycle a wide range of products, from aluminum to plastic, and paper to manure. It is our commitment to lead the way in offering more efficient methods and better options for clean energy for electric car-driving guests.”

There are two stations in the Gold Parking Lot, three in the Blue Parking Lot and four in the Red Parking Lot. The cost to charge an electric car will range from $1 to $2 per hour.

Washington is one of several states participating in The EV Project, an infrastructure and data collection study managed by ECOtality, Inc. Most of the charging stations will be on the West Coast, and DC Fast Chargers are being installed along Interstate 5, which allows EV drivers with compatible EVs to charge up in under 30 minutes.

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