Washington voters in 2006 decided that private, investor-owned electric utilities operating within the state needed to move toward renewable energy sources.

And regulators for the state, charged with seeing that the voters’ will has effect, are now reporting that Puget Sound Energy and two other companies will be getting at least 9 percent of their power from wind, solar and hydro power this year from eligible renewable resources.

Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission found all three of the state’s investor-owned electric companies will meet Energy Independence Act provisions.

As part of the requirements, PSE, which serves portions of Pierce, Thurston, King and five other counties, is on the way to compliance in serving its more than 1.1 million customers.

Avista and Pacific Power, serving smaller numbers of customers around Spokane and Vancouver respectively, also detailed their renewable portfolios and how each utility will meet the 9 percent target.

Each company will file a final compliance report by 2019 showing exactly which resources were used to meet its target, and request a determination from the commission that the utility complied with its target.

The EIA, approved by Washington voters in 2006, also directs the companies obtain 15 percent of their electricity from new renewable resources by 2020 and undertake cost-effective energy conservation efforts.