Employment in the U.S. nonfarm private business sector increased by 209,000 from February to March on a seasonally adjusted basis, according to the latest ADP National Employment Report. Estimated gains for previous months were revised higher; the gain from December to January was revised up by 9,000 to 182,000, and the gain from January to February was revised up by 14,000 to 230,000.

Employment in the private, service-providing sector increased 164,000 last month, after rising a revised 183,000 in February. Employment in the private, goods-producing sector rose 45,000 in March. Manufacturing employment added 23,000 jobs. Employment on large payrolls – those with 500 or more workers – increased 22,000, and employment on medium payrolls – those with 50 to 499 workers – rose 87,000 in March. Employment on small payrolls – those with up to 49 workers – rose 100,000.

Of the 87,000 jobs created by medium-sized businesses, 21,000 jobs were created by the goods- producing sector and 66,000 jobs were created by the service-providing sector.

Employment in the construction industry grew by 13,000 in March, marking the sixth consecutive monthly gain in the sector. Employment in the financial services sector increased 8,000 in February, marking the eighth consecutive monthly gain.
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