From a new brand to a plan for the future of Tacoma to a discussion about West Coast competitiveness, many revelations were made today at the sold out Port of Tacoma Annual Breakfast.

“Ten years from now when we look back on our Port of Tacoma it is going to be very different,” said CEO John Wolfe. “We've got a winning recipe here. For us it's about partnerships.”

Wolfe said the port is facing the fiercest competition he has seen during his his time in the industry, which makes it even more important that “we have a game plan, a road map for success.”

While the port's 10-year plan includes six main goal and various initiatives, Wolfe said it “really boils down” to four key areas: making strategic investments, new business opportunities, customer care and community support.

“It's our responsibility to make sure our customers experience at the Port of Tacoma is top notch,” he said. “You should expect that as we move forward you will have greater engagement with our staff. What can we as a port authority do to help you grow your business?”

Wolfe said the plan specifically addresses how the port can best move forward with certain projects, including a new bulk facility on the Blair Waterway and the completion of State Route 167.

“I'm confident about our future success,” he said, adding that the port has created 10 targets in 10 years to keep the staff on point. Click here to read about these targets.

The morning event wrapped up with keynote remarks from Petrer Tirschwell, senior vice president for strategy of The Journal Commerce/UBM Global Trade. He discussed the threat of East Coast ports, changes in China and the future of West Coast ports, especially as they prepare for the opening of an expanded Panama Canal.

“This is a new opportunity for the West Coast to define itself,” he said.