Should your New Year’s Eve party chit-chat veer into the future, here are a couple “gee-whiz” factoids that might help you win a bet. They come from U.S. Census Bureau in a special year-end release.

U.S. Population is about 326,957,000 (almost 327 million) with a net increase of one person every 14 seconds. A new baby is born every 8 seconds, an American passes away every 11 seconds and, despite the MAGA rhetoric, we gain (net) one international migrant every 29 seconds.

The World Population is 7,443,917,000 (7.4 billion) approximately and expanding much more rapidly than in the United States.

China is the nation with the largest number of residents (1,384,688,986) followed by India (1,296,834,042) then the U.S. is third most populous.

If you enjoy digging deeper into data, check out this Census Bureau ticker, where you can find population densities, age distributions and and real-time counter for the most up-to-date population tally.