McKenna investor Chris Kirsop, president of BetterInvesting’s Puget Sound chapter, has been recognized by the national nonprofit group with its Gretchen Hurt Leadership award.

BetterInvesting, also known as the National Association of Investors Corporation, aims to teach individuals how to become successful long-term investors. The group, based in Michigan, has a membership of approximately 40,000.

Kirsop was honored at its recent national convention in Cincinnati. He was recognized for accentuating positives during meetings and navigating a sticky leadership situation at the busy Puget Sound chapter.

“He wasn’t aware of the serious morale problem that was causing low attendance at board meetings, as well as several resignations attributed to another board member,” read a profile on Kirsop in the group’s publication. “Once Chris was aware of the issue, however, he quickly tackled this awkward situation. He took a vote of the board and excused that member from the board … From then on the meetings have been run on a positive note, and because of his leadership capability and organization acumen the meetings now move along quickly.”