Pierce County businesses are having a tough time finding locals to fill vacant positions.

About 70 percent of businesses responding to a Workforce Central survey said they find it necessary to seek talent outside the county to fill job openings. And 47 percent of respondents said they find it necessary to look outside the county for qualified workers most or all of the time.
WorkForce Central surveyed 130 Pierce County employers from across industries in November and identified the following concerns:

• 52.5 percent have difficulty finding a sufficient supply of local talent.
• 45.1 percent say that current employees do not have up-to-date skills and knowledge needed.
• 28.7 percent are concerned about a talent/brain drain because of an increase in retirements of experienced employees.

Respondents also said that applicants do not meet the job requirements because they do not have the technical and/or soft skills needed to do the job. The top four most cited qualities lacking from today’s work force were: work ethic; communications skills; problem solving; and time management/productivity.

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