Pickleball Central has opened a new facility in Kent, offering pickleball courts open to the public, lessons and a pro shop for enthusiasts of the sport.

Dubbed “Pickleball Station,” the site is located at 22330 68th Avenue South. The 18,000-square-foot space — which features four courts, the Pickleball Museum, and shares office space with parent company Pickleball Central — is the first indoor facility for the sport in the Puget Sound area, where it was invented.

“It is rather ironic that despite the Puget Sound being the birthplace of Pickleball, there are not any dedicated indoor court facilities in the Seattle Area,” said David Johnson, president of Pickleball Station. “We recognized the need for pickleball players in the Puget Sound to have access to a dedicated facility where players of any level can get year-round access to courts, obtain quality instruction, and shop for a wide variety of pickleball equipment and apparel. Our solution was to create the Seattle area’s first indoor facility devoted exclusively to pickleball.”

An open house and grand opening celebration are set for Saturday, with pickleball co-founder Barney McCallum in attendance.