Several state and federal employee agencies are hopeful this week after HB 2669 passed the Washington State Senate on Feb. 28. The bill will now go to Governor Jay Inslee to be likely signed into law.

HB2669, known as the “part-timers bill” adds part-time state employees to civil service. Currently, part-time employees are exempt from the protections and privileges that civil service awards full-time state employees. According to a summary of the bill, “State civil service law governs the appointment, promotion, transfer, layoff, removal, discipline, and welfare of most state agency employees.”

Washington Federation of State Employees Council 28 Secretary Tracy Stanley testified on behalf of the bill’s passage in the Senate earlier in the current session.

“Not only does exempting these employees from civil service law exclude them from the rights of just cause, the harm to the state comes at a financial burden to state resources,” Stanley testified. “Hiring multiple part-time employees as opposed to fewer full-time employees creates a situation where the state of Washington's agencies and institutions become a training ground for other employers.”

Stanley works in the Information Technology Services at the Lower Columbia College in Longview. He is also a member of the Local 1400 Union for Washington state employees.