The Olympia University of Business and Technology has opened a new training session and location, the culmination of discussions and collaboration with Tacoma Community House.

The two nonprofits have agreed to offer a course on .NET programming beginning Saturday, Nov. 4. TCH has a long history of offering employment assistance and job training, and its partnership with OUBT is a way for the organization to offer training into the high-wage IT industry.

“Tacoma Community House has a long history of partnerships and collaborations and we are pleased to enter into a wonderful partnership with OUBT for tech industry training,” said Liz Berget Dunbar, executive director of Tacoma Community House. At TCH, we are committed to working with immigrants, refugees and others seeking living wage jobs. This training is a great opportunity for those persons to get access to good jobs in a growing field.”

“We are excited to partner with OUBT and bring training for tech industry jobs to the Tacoma- Pierce County area.  Providing training that leads to living wage jobs and increases the number of qualified tech workers for the area will make our community stronger on multiple levels. The focus on reaching out to non-traditional tech workers and those from marginalized communities is a great opportunity for our community to grow,” added Jason Scales, client services director for Tacoma Community House.

“Once the students matriculate from the class and achieve certification then they are considered for a 6-month Internship with CodeSmart or one of our customers. Should the candidate perform exceptionally well through internship, we have something well planned for that too”, said Mark Meyer, president of CodeSmart and the founder of OUBT.