OlyInnovations, a software development firm based in Olympia, has announced updates to both Guess & Know – the company's category trivia game engine for the iPad – and Guess & Know Companion – the electronic buzzer app for iPad, iPod touch and iPhone. 

Guess & Know is a category trivia game engine that lets users create their own game around content they want to review, with Guess & Know Companion as an electronic “buzz-in” app for iPad, iPod touch and iPhone that makes facilitating the game easier. The release of new versions of both apps incorporates requests from corporate meeting planners for enhanced networking options and from students for some fun game play additions.

“I was visiting a school where fourth graders were using Guess & Know as an interactive way to share what they had been working on,” said Jim Tobin, founder of OlyInnovations. “When asked what they liked about the app, one boy said he liked everything, but wished it had sad faces and sounds when a question is answered incorrectly.  So we had a little fun and built a facial expression generator to take the sting out of getting a question wrong.

“We heard from corporate meeting planners that they wanted more options for Companion users to find the game host, especially in hotels that have unpredictable WiFi,” Tobin added. “Game discovery over Bluetooth allows everyone in the room to find the game host, even though game play is over WiFi.”