Kent-based Oberto Brands, which makes pepperoni, jerky and other meat snacks, has unveiled marketing and packaging updates to its popular Oh Boy! Oberto All Natural Jerky line – a move the company called the largest brand overhaul in its 95-year history.

At the forefront of the rebrand is a new logo, with familiar longtime slogan “Oh Boy!” removed from the packaging. In keeping with the line's marketing toward active consumers, a new mantra – “Eat Excellent. Be Excellent.” – is now prominently featured.

“The branding and packaging shift on our core jerky line is a significant step for Oberto,” said Greg Yahn, vice president of marketing for Oberto. “The change began in 2012 when we overhauled our jerky recipe to be all natural.

“Now, the new packaging and positioning further solidifies Oberto's brand evolution: Oberto offers great tasting, protein snacks for active consumers who want to feel good about what they put into their bodies, so they can perform at their best.

“For a long time, mass market jerky was largely seen as an unsophisticated junk food, but not anymore,” Yahn added. “We've elevated jerky and made it new and relevant for active consumers who want to get the most out of what they eat and are specifically looking for snacks to charge them up for their day.”

The new logo and packaging will apply only to Oberto's All Natural Jerky line; other Oberto products will continue to use the “Oh Boy! Oberto” name and logo.