Merchants and other retailers will be readjusting their cash register terminals tomorrow night late, for Saturday morning – April 1st – the combined local and sales tax rates are going up.

And in much of King County, including Federal Way, Auburn and Kent, the sales tax bite will be an even 10 percent for the first time ever.  Ten cents on every dollar of retail sales will be collected by the selling business and passed on to Washington Department of Revenue for sharing with the regional transit authority, as well as state and local governments.

The increase of five-tenths of one percent for Sound Transit construction plans was approved by voters in King and Snohomish counties last November, thus also applying to all retail transactions in Pierce County. Because other local sales tax rates are lower in South Sound, the highest rate there is 9.9 percent, but some Snohomish County locales are going to collect 10.4 cents per dollar of sale.

Helpful administrators in Olympia have prepared a handy listing of local and state sales tax rates by city or other jurisdiction, which you can download at this link.