Tacoma’s Spaceworks initiative has announced the opening of its latest partner business: Stocklist, an artisan gift store opening downtown on Saturday, July 30.

Stocklist, to be located at 1936 Pacific Avenue, will carry products from a mix of local creative businesses — such as Tacoma-based Anagram Press, Bicycle Soap Company and Stickers Northwest — as well as regional companies like Seattle Chocolates, Rose Jewelry and Veronica and Harold.

“Through Stocklist I am hoping to find a way to empower artists and makers, providing a creative outlet for them to showcase their work by entering into the wholesale market,” said owner Liz Van Dyke. “Over the course of the next five years, my goal is to actively seek out local artists, and work with them to grow their reach by selling their goods to other stores. I’m excited to share the creative heart of Tacoma with visitors to our area, be they from near or far.”

Van Dyke, who has more than a decade of experience in retail, purchasing, and event planning, recently graduated from Spaceworks’ Creative Enterprise Tier 1 training program and looks to follow her family’s footsteps in successful entrepreneurship.

“Growing up working in a family business ran by my mother, and my grandfather before her, taught me a great deal about following your heart and finding happiness in your profession. I’m proud to be following in my family footsteps by opening Stocklist and I’m honored that Stocklist has found its home in this great city of Tacoma.”

Spaceworks is a joint venture between the City of Tacoma and Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber designed to connect budding creative entrepreneurs with vacant brick-and-mortar storefronts. The program has partnered with more than 250 artisans since its inception in 2010.