Today Women in Technology, a Seattle-based organization, announced a scholarship fund for women who want to train and work in the profession.

Specifically, the scholarship is for the Ruby on Rails bootcamp, which is dedicated exclusively for women interested in breaking into the software industry. The bootcamp is run by coding education provider Code Fellows, and guarantees an industry job that pays at least $60,000 after graduation.

“With this scholarship, we have the opportunity to put economically disadvantaged women on a career path that might not have otherwise been available to them,” said Code Fellows managing director Will Little, “and we look forward to supporting their mission to get more women involved in the technology industry.”

Over the last thirty years, the total number of women working in computer sciences has dropped to just 12 percent, compared with 37 percent in 1984. In other words, in a room with 25 software engineers, only three will be women.

Said Martina Welke, CEO and co-founder of Zealyst, and a Women in Technology member, “The women-only bootcamp represents a real opportunity for those interested in starting a technology career to gain access to the education, resources, and the connections necessary to make it happen.”

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